This is the BEST idea for Parents to connect with their Kids I’ve had to date (and you are going to love it!)

This Process improves your credibility with your children AND improves your career opportunities.

You know, as every parent and carer knows, our kids honestly believe that we did not go to school let alone take exams!

 But how can you access insane amounts of teaching and learning materials which will improve your standing with them …… and everyone else at any time.

…without hiring an expensive tutor?

It’s almost impossible to be able to find the time in regular hours to brush up on the latest topics in maths and english..

Unless you have one of the most valuable tools on the market.

When you have the most powerful tool (notice I still haven’t said what it is and your brain is going “WHAT GODDAMN TOOL!?) TELL ME!” in your hands you are able to (get ready for the benefits of the benefits!) FINALLY:

  • Work on any career path you should choose (including those exams you didn’t achieve at school.)
  • Wake up on Monday morning, knowing you DO NOT have to spend all day doing the same old same for the rest of your working days.
  • Take your time, with a clear head, while you work with your child on homework.
  • Feel what a real CEO feels like because you’re actually working on your life, not in it.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Isn’t THIS level of confidence what you’ve been working for?

I know it is.

No More Dealing with Trying in Vain to Understand Topics and Assist others Confidently.

Progress and Confidence in your delivery will never cease to impress…. Your Boss…. Your Clients…. Your Kids….. Yourself…..

These unprecedented times we have lived through makes this process even more of a no brainer.

You will not need to sign up for a course which takes your money and does not check back on your progress.

You will not have to sign up for an expensive college course.

You will however have access to:

  • Learning Resources in any subject you wish to study except languages and science.
  • Two live sessions per week with a qualified teacher in which you will be taught new topics and have questions answered.
  • Opportunity to study whole exam specifications AND be entered for the exams and qualification.
  • Video resources to study at your pace on topics you choose.
  • Quality feedback and steps to improvement.

The membership, dependent on your input, will curate resources that lift you to the confident levels you dream of. With your input, you will be able to confidently help your family to learn and confidently follow your career dreams. 

I have been in the Education Space for 16 years now and have seen many parents struggle to help their kids to understand how to learn; I also have kids who look at me incredulously when they ask a question and I answer it!!

This membership cuts through all of that and helps you to stand taller!

And it does it for only $37 per month! (This is an introductory cost, it will be grandfathered in when the cost increases on September 1st 2021)

With all of the confusion for our kids and our lives in these times, it is a no-brainer.

‘ Thank you, I was never able to get maths at school. I am now confident of achieving my pass this year. My daughter is doing the same exam with you!’

KD, London

For years, I knew I wanted to help parents save time and money whilst knowing that their child is progressing, so I took my Business background and my Teaching certifications and decided to build Parents Learning HQ.

This wasn’t going to be as easy to build as it was to use, but after years of testing and development, I finally was able to put my baby to work.

So I tested it on a small group first at a negligible cost and it took me two more years to work out the bugs of this plan.

But you know what?? It was SO worth it!

Now, the membership does exactly what it was created for. It helps parents to be more confident in their endeavors, to have a safe space in which to explore, research and study..Their teaching and learning confidence has soared.

Their relationships with their kids has improved.

They have grown in confidence about the future.

I’m so proud of this membership program…and the hundreds of families it’s helped to grow!

The membership is priced to help parents who need a little leg up in the academic’s of life. It is designed to put parents firmly back in the driving seat.

When you buy in, you’ll get:

  • Access to the latest resources available that will become your personal library every month.(for a LOT less money than a tutor each month!)
  • Access to the BONUS : 5 Stress Free Steps to Exam Success.
Access to BONUS: Individual Analysis of Learning Requirements and Career match.
  • 2 Live sessions with a qualified teacher per week.

But more than that?

  • You will impress your kids as you teach them concepts they didn’t understand at school.
  • Your new found self-esteem will help you avoid burnout in your career!
On the other hand….
You could…
buy into those expensive courses you’ve been putting off that you know you need but will never complete.